by Stickup Kid

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released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Stickup Kid San Jose, California


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Track Name: Artistry and Certain Death
Carry on, carry on
I'm not the man I was before
This place is done
The sky is yours
And everything you love will burn
Carry on, carry on
Without me and without us
Cross into what happens next
Until then I will not rest
I'm still dreaming of the end
The world is on fire, it's so magnificent
I'm still standing on the edge of artistry and certain death
So carry on
Carry on, and on, and on
Burn your bridges, burn my trust
It's far too late to keep in touch
When all I am is just your crutch
Now I'm just waiting for an excuse back to your door
But the tide drags me away
And sweeps me further from your shore
I'm still dreaming of the end
The world is on fire it's so magnificent
I'm still standing on the edge of artistry and certain death
Now I'll breathe in hard as smoke begins to dirty up the ridges in my skin
You'll ask yourself, "Is this the end?”
Carry on, carry on, carry on
I'm still dreaming
Track Name: Forever a Piper Pirate
Step one is understanding
All that I want is to fit in
I want to be myself again
So I can stand up tall like a monument
If I could be anything at all, I'd be your anchor
I know you'd need me
And we will sink with all that could have been
Step two is breathing deeply
Exhale the poison from your lungs
I'll be the one you forgot
Keep me around as an afterthought

Will you remember waking up inside my arms when we are far apart
Or will the distance be too far for you to see?
Will you remember when i'm gone?We could've had everything
Will my words become the soundtrack to your apathy?
When you say goodnight
Do you mean goodbye?
Track Name: Debris
A small core in the center of a vast and ever expanding black hole
Just a body beneath our feet
We simply stand above her, ignoring
But cloaked beneath all the clutter, the avarice, and greed there lies a soul
Never in charge and no control
Like advocating for peace with a chokehold
We spread our seed, bomb nations into wastelands overseas
We sit and watch
And like demons speaking out with ire
The word will spread like wildfire
And the dope fiends will keep asking you for money on the street
But you’ll keep walking ‘cause it’s not a part of your big scene
This rationale is fucked up and incomplete
Are we only contribution to the selfish anthropocentric destiny?
Biting the bullet with gold teeth
Distorting the truth for convenience
Or are we just a small piece insignificantly rotating inside of a big machine?
Never a reason and no belief
No having a vision with no eyes there to see
We are the winning breed!
Congratulations, we’re number one human beings
Raise your cups, you gotta drink up while your beer’s still cold
You’ll pay the tab when you get old
Responsibility, clumsily placed in the hands of the many
What will it take to stop this juggernaut that we’ve conceived?
A hurricane of our own feces?
Or a tidal wave of our own plastic debris?